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IE Class Teacher Registration

A subscription is required to access the IE Class curriculum. Each paid subscription includes up to three teacher accounts at a single school up to a total of 75 student accounts. Additional student accounts may be purchased if needed. Paid subscriptions also include three certification exam testing sessions per year up to 75 students per session.

NOTE: Demo accounts are not automatically activated when account is created. Account activation is subject to approval and may take up to 24 hours to verify before activation. Demo accounts are for teacher evaluation purposes only and should not be used in classroom instruction.

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Credit Card
Demo Account Free!
First Year Subscription
(per school)
$475 $490
Current Renewal Rate
(per school)
$325 $340
Additional Student Accounts
(Over the included)
$2 Per Student
Account Reinstatement
(Expired within 1 year)

Getting Started

Step 1:

The first step to getting started using IE Class with your class is to setup a demo account. The demo account is free and will give you the opportunity to see what is included on IE Class, how the lessons are presented, and how the labs are organized and assigned. You can also practice creating classes and student accounts. When you create your account, we try to activate it the same day, but please allow up to 24 hours. If you cannot log into your account after 24 hours, definitely send us an email.

Step 2:

Once you get your demo account activated, you should try it out. Log into the system and look through the lessons under the Student tab. Look through the features from the teacher center, and practice creating classes and student accounts, and try assigning a lab to the class you created. Also you should log in as a student to see IE Class from the student's perspective.

Step 3:

Once you have looked over the curriculum and seen, and tried, what IE Class has to offer, it is time to get the Purchase Order. If your school requires a W9 or Sole Source Affidavit, both may be downloaded from the top of the Teacher Center page. When you log into your account, click the Upgrade button and enter your PO number. We will be alerted that you have requested the upgrade. You can also email us the PO number too, just be sure to include your username and school. We will upgrade your account and you can immediately start using the curriculum with your classes.

Demo Account:

Teachers may request a free Demo Account to view the available features of IE Class. Demo Accounts are limited to only 10 student accounts. The downloadable lab exercises and projects are also not available on Demo Accounts, but there are sample labs available for download.

The basic service includes one Teacher Account, however subscribers may request two additional Teacher Accounts at the same school for each Basic Service Subscription. Additional Teacher Accounts do not include additional student accounts. The standard 75 student accounts will be distributed among the Teacher Accounts. Each teacher receiving a Teacher Account must sign up online and agree to the Terms of Service. If more than three teacher account are needed, then a second subscription will need to be purchased.


All online services provided with the Basic Subscription, including complete updates to the Lab Exercises, can be renewed for an additional year for just $325. The renewal rate is only available to current subscribers. To be eligible for the renewal rate, the school's account must have already paid the first year registration fee and the school’s subscription must not have lapsed for more than one year.

Additional Students:

Additional student accounts over the 75 included in the basic subscription may be added to the basic or renewal subscription at a rate of $2 per student. Students may be added at any time during the subscription period. Additional student accounts expire with the current subscription regardless of when the additional accounts were added. A maximum of 200 additional students may be added per subscription.

Account Reinstatement:

If a school has had an account within the past year that is currently expired, the account may be reinstated for $35 plus the current renewal price. Accounts that have been expired for longer for one year must register at the current initial registration rate.

System Requirements

Web Browsers

You should have the most recent versions of the following web browsers installed, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Each of these browsers can be downloaded free of charge.

Graphics Software

The Web Graphics Software used is GIMP which is a very popular Open Source graphics application that can be freely downloaded by teachers and students from www.gimp.org. GIMP is required for Unit 2.

Inkscape should be downloaded and installed for the SVG Vector Graphics lesson, Unit 5 Lesson 8. Inkscape can be freely downloaded from www.inkscape.org.

Text Editor

A simple text editor is required for Units 3, 4, 6 & 7, such as Notepad++ for windows or TextWrangler for Mac, both of which can be freely downloaded and installed. Alternatively any other text editor that can save text without any markup or additional formatting can be used.


BlueGriffon is a visual editor that can be freely downloaded and installed from www.bluegriffon.org. BlueGriffon includes both a WYSIWYG and Code interface and supports HTML5 and CSS3. BlueGriffon is required for Unit 5.

PDF Reader

A PDF reader should be installed, such as Adobe Acrobat which can be freely downloaded from Adobe.

If teaching PHP (Unit 7)

Each student computer should be able to interpret PHP and MySQL code. The suggested software for Windows operating systems is WAMPSERVER, which is an open source application allowing PHP and MySQL to be executed on a client computer. WAMPSERVER can be downloaded freely from www.wampserver.com/en/. For Mac operating systems, MAMP may be used and can be downloaded from www.mamp.info/en/.

Please Note: IE Class does not provide any technical support for any of these 3rd party applications. Support should be obtained from the provider.